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PVC Mudslides! - set gm-4m014

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Videos included in this download:

  • gm-4m014-v1 (15 minutes, 18 seconds)
  • gm-4m014-v2 (15 minutes, 19 seconds)

PVC Mudslides!

Isabeau and Lady Jennifer get sloppy in shiny black outfits

Isabeau and Lady Jennifer have met up at the mudbanks for some mudslide fun, and dressed for the occasion in stunning outfits in spandex and PVC!

Iasbeau wears a gorgeous sleeveless PVC catsuit, while Lady Jennifer wears high-waisted PVC jeans over a black "Pinepple 79" spandex and mesh sleveless bodysuit. Both wear flat ankle boots.

They step into the mud and find it's really, really sloppy, first they stamp and splash each other's legs a bit, then they attempt to walk down a very slippery slope, on which they both lose their footing, are dumped unceremoniously on their bottoms in the mud, and slither down into a gully of liquid mud. Crawling out, with legs and bottoms drenched in mud, they clamber on their hands and knees back to the top of the slope, and slide down again, getting even muddier.

They do lots of sliding and rolling in the mud, utterly drenching their outfits in gloop, and eventually they give each other full mud shampoos, too.

The first video ends with both girls lying, sprawled, totally relaxed, in a pool of liquid mud, just relaxing, totally covered.

For the second part the camera moves to the river's edge at the bottom of a long mud slope. Having recovered some of their energy after their mud-drenched rest in the mud pool, the two girls repeatedly slide all the way down the slope and into the river, only to crawl back out and back up the slope, deliberately lowering themselves into the liquid mud surface and slithering and rolling to ensure they are totally covered again, before crawling to the top and speed-sliding straight back down again.

Both girls get utterly drenched in mud and love every minute of it!

Eventually at the end of the second video they do one final mud-drenched side down into the river, where they wash each other off as best they can.