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Sports Dress vs Running Pants - set gm-4m015

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  • gm-4m015-v1 (19 minutes, 04 seconds)
  • gm-4m015-v2 (15 minutes, 24 seconds)

Sports Dress vs Running Pants

Isabeau and Lady Jennifer get very muddy in sportawear

Issabeau, in a black Adidas mud-wrestling sports dress and matching black Adidas football socks, accompanies Lady Jennifer, in skin tight black running pants, worn without underwear, a maroon crop top, and Adidas tracksuit jacket, into the mudbanks for some mudplay fun. To start off with they're booth wearing trainers, but these soon come off leaving Isabeau in just her sports socks, and Lady Jennifer barefoot.

First order of business is to get onto the mudbanks, they decide to jump down. Isabeau makes the jump successfully, though splashing mud up her legs and onto her dress in the process. Lady Jennifer makes the jump but then immediately falls back and sits down in the mud, thoroughly coating the bum of her running pants.

Taking turns, they slide down the bank into the liquid mud at the bottom of a gully, getting muddier and muddier each time they go down. At first they go forwards sitting down, but then they experiment with going backwards, or lying on their fronts. They get very, very muddy and absolutely revel in how covered they are getting. The scene was filmed on a hot summer's day so both girls just thoroughly enjoy getting covered in mud.

By the end of the scene they are both mud-drencged from head to toe, including giving each other thorough mud shampoos. As a finale, they both stand in the gully pool and let themselves fall back - splat! - into the liquid mud, full length.

All good things must end, but perhaps not too soon. Because once they've had enough fun in the mud, they then spend a happy time sliding down the main mudbank into the river, only to climb back up and slide down again, getting covered in mud and then rough-washed off repeatedly in the process.

Technical: With this scene you get two main videos, first of the mud play, and a second almost as long, of the mud sliding and river-washoff. You also get a small high-res photoset which most shows both girls and their outfits off, plus a few muddy photos showing them at different stages of mud-coverage.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.