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Aurora's dungaree mudbath - set gm-4m022

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  • gm-4m022-v1 (19 minutes, 48 seconds)
  • gm-4m022-v2 (04 minutes, 04 seconds)

Aurora's dungaree mudbath

First time playing in the mud

Having made the decision to study here, Aurora willingly throws herself into all of our messy activities, which is why here she is, dressed in blue denim dungarees over a white t-shirt, denim jacket, and wellies, taking her first ever fully clothed mudbath down in the Marsh House mudbanks.

She walks in, sits down, slides into the wonderfully sloppy liquid mud at the bottom of the gully, crawls out getting even muddier in the process, and repeats, getting muckier and muckier each time she slides in. She does it backwards as well as forwards and eventually rolls around, covers her hair, and totally bathes in the mud, getting utterly drenched and covered in it from head to toe.

She keeps her wellies on for the first seven minutes of the scene, then she takes them off, plunges her still clean feet into the mud, and does the rest of the scene barefoot.

Eventually it's time to get clean again, the second video shows her sliding down, drenched in mud, into the river, where she washes the worst of it off in the muddy water, before crawling back up the bank, happy and drenched!