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The Mud Runner

Lucia takes on the mud in 80s style!

Lucia is dressed for exercise, 80s-style, wearing skin tight running legings under her leotard, and both leggings and leotard are colour-coordinated in pink and black, and she finishes the ensemble off with pink Converse high-top boots.

And so, beautfully and sportlily dressed, our athletic visitor runs along the bank, and throws herself into the beautifully sloppy mud!

Her feet sink first, those lovely pink basketball boots soon coated in brown muck, and the rest of her outfit soon follows them into mud-coated glory. She slides, crawls, rolls over, and swim-slithers through the wonderfully sloppy gully-bottom mud, sliding all the way down into the river several times only to crawl back up and roll back into the sloppiest mud, replacing any that washed off in the water.

Eventually, utterly drenched in mud from head to foot including full face coverage and a total mud shampoo, she slithers back down into the river fully for a rough wash-off, before clambering back up the bank and posing, soaking wet and mud-stained, triumphant at the top.

Lucia likes the mud!