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PVC Catsuit, Playboy Heels, Mud! - set gm-4m024

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PVC Catsuit, Playboy Heels, Mud!

Lucia takes to the mudbanks in PVC, boots, and rubber gloves

Lucia is dressed for pleasure. She wears a tight black PVC catsuit, with chrome-heeled Playboy boots, a tight black long-sleeve top under her sleeveless catsuit, and big black rubber gloves. She is just oozing dominance, and she knows it, and she's here to take her pleasure in the gloriously sloppy brown clay of the Marsh House mudbanks.

First she poses for the camera, showing off her stunning outfit and figure.

And then she takes a gloriously gloopy, deliciously deliberate mud bath, utterly drenching herself and her entire outfit in liquid mud.

Once her mud-lust has been saited, she slithers down into the river, still fully dressed, for a soaking and wash-off.

Lucia likes the mud!