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Black Shorts Mudbath - set gm-4m026

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Black Shorts Mudbath

Miss Abigail gives her sports shorts the full treatment

Miss Abigail is dressed in black shiny sports shorts, a black long-sleeve Nike t-shirft, black foodball socks and black lace-up plimsolls. And she's going to give herself a total mudbath!

Miss Abigail has been out for a jog in the summer sunshine, she's a bit hot, and she absolutely loves playing in the mud, so she's going to utterly and willingly drench herself in our glorious riverbank clay to cool herself down again.

She jumps down from the bank, feet quickly sinking into the soft mud, and before long she's lost her shoes, and carrys on in her socks, which are soon coated in mud. Her shorts are next, first she sits down and squelches them down into the mud, with her legs open and facing the camera, and then she gathers some nice large handfuls of semi-liquid mud and quite deliberately spreads and smears them all over the clean front of her shorts, until they are completely covered and soaked in mud.

By now she's drenched in mud to her waist, clearly her top can't escape its fate and she soon starts covering that too, and then carries on to giving herself a full mud shampoo and finally total face coverage.

She finishes the main mud scene, mud-drenched from head to toe, doing mud-angels on the riverbank.

There's then a second video in which Miss Abigail goes into the river for a rough wash-off, still wearing her full outfit.

Technical: Like all Langstonedale mud scenes, the camera operator goes right into the mud with Miss Abigail and films from close up, so watching it, it's almost like you're there in the mud with Miss Abigail, who talks to the camera throughout about what she's doing.

Miss Abigail likes the mud!

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.