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Midsummer Mud Bride! - set gm-4m028

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Midsummer Mud Bride!

Miss Abigail in a beautiful wedding dress is the Midsummer Mud Sacrifice

Every year, on Midsummer's Day, in a tradition that dates back to time immemorial, a fair wench in a beautiful white dress must be sacrificed to the mud, to ensure the quality of the mud for the coming year. And this year, Miss Abigail has been chosen for the honour!

She dresses for the occasion in a truly beautiful satin finish wedding gown, with delicate embroidered floral detail, and teams it with a lovely flower crown of her own creation, and keeps her feet bare, better to feel the mud between her toes.

And then she totally throws herself into the mudbanks!

She gets utterly covered from head to toe, and then, once shes been entirely reduced to a mud-drenched mess including a total mud shampoo, she throws herself into the river for a rough wash-off, needless to say the dress does not return to white.

"Mud for the Mud Gods!"