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PVC Mud Virgin - set gm-4m034

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PVC Mud Virgin

Violet Vixen's first ever mudbath, with Maude, in PVC Catsuits!

The lovely Violet Vixen has come to Langstonedale, seeking muddy pleasures, and Maude is all too willing to show her the mud, and push her into it too.

They're both clad in PVC catsuits and knee-high leather boots, and Violet is rather keen to get messy. They strike some very sexy poses on the bank, Violet explains that she's a mud virgin and really looking forward to her mudbath, and then the mudding begins!

What follows is an awesome fun scene as the two of them push each other over, splash and smear mud all over each other, sit, slide, roll over, and writhe in the wonderfully sloppy liquid clay together, until they are both completely coated in mud from head to toes.

Sexy PVC-clad muddy fun from two girls who live for getting messy. What more could anyone ask for? Enjoy, because these two certainly did!

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.