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Tight Sportswear In The Mud - set gm-4m035

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Tight Sportswear In The Mud

Maude and Violet Vixen sacrifice each other to the mud

Violet Vixen and Maude are dressed for a mudbath, in skin tight sportswear that will look as good drenched in mud as it does all clean and dry, and they both know just how filthy they are about to become.

Violet wears a one piece swimsuit, in shades of blue, leotard-style, over tight, light blue spandex leggings, and finishes off her ensemble with pink patterend wellies. Maude wears a lovely outfit in matching shades of patterened green, with a broad black stripe down each side, tight running leggings and a tank-top, finished off with purple sparkly wellies. Violet has her long black hair in two long ponytails, and wears her trademark black lace eye-mask, Maude's shorter hair is dyed deep pink.

First they pose at the top of the bank, and then Violet Vixen unceremoniously pushes the all-too-willing Maude over, backwards, into the mud, where she lands on her bum with a huge splat, splattering a great wave of mud towards the viewpoint whch manages to cover both camera lenses, for a real "being there" feel.

As if by magic the lenses clear (we paused for a second to clean off the cameras, though the photographer just accepted the drenching), and the scene continues, now Violet slides forwards on her knees into the mud, and the two of them proceed to play, splash, and throw liquid mud over each other until they're both utterly drenched from head to toe.

Before long Violet loses her wellies and plunges her clean bare feet into the mud, later on Maude loses hers and does the same. There's lots of rolling around and carefully spreading mud all over each other, and lots of sexy poses to show off muddy bottoms and to show just how muddy the fronts and undersides of their leggings and leotard have become.

They both receive a full mud shampoo at each other's hands, and both fully cover their faces in mud too.

After they've had enough time playing in the mud, they slide down the liquid mud into the river for a rough wash-off, still wearing their tight sports clothes.

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