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80s Mud Dancers! - set gm-4m036

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  • gm-4m036-v1 (20 minutes, 47 seconds)
  • gm-4m036-v2 (06 minutes, 14 seconds)

80s Mud Dancers!

Violet Vixen and Isabeau in spandex and leotards take a mudbath

Take two pretty girls, dressed for an 80s-style workout in leotards over spandex leggings, and just add mud!

Isabeau and Violet Vixen are dressed for a workout, wearing swimsuits over tight leggings, with trainers over bare feet, and they've colour co-ordinated their leggings and leotards, even though all too soon, they're going to be totally drenched in mud!

They play scissors - paper - stone to decide who's going in first, Isabeau loses, and so takes her place at the bottom of the firm slope, just above the deep gully of beautiful liquid mud, and allows Violet to push her over backwards to land, bottom-first, with an almighty splay into the muck, coating the back of her outfit completely.

Of course fair's fair, so Violet Vixen soon finds herself suffering the same fate as Isabeau pushes her in.

And from there they just get muddier and muddier, sliding, rolling, crawling, almost swimming through the liquid clay together. Their entire outfits are soon totally covered, and their mud-coated shoes come off at different points during the scene to reveal clean feet that don't stay clean for long.

By the end of the scene they are drenched in liquid mud from head to toe including full hair and face coverage and putting lots of mud down inside each other's swimsuits and then squeezing it out again. They also do several full-body pratfalls into the mud from standing, and also write and slither about together and over each other in the mud-filled gully.

There is a separate wash-off video where they slide down the mudbank into the river, several times, and then help each other wash the worst of the mud out of each other's clothes and hair while standing or swimming in the river.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.