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Spandex Mud Workout

Isabeau throws herself into the mud, in a zip catsuit!

What better way to spend a hot summer afternoon than combining a workout, and playing in the mud?

Isabeau, barefoot, dressed in a zip-front spandex catsuit and nothing else, has a spectacular time on the mudbanks, jumping, rolling, sliding, and just throwing herself into the mud! First she lets herself fall back onto her bottom, then she jumps in forwards several times, getting her tight-fitting suit messier and muddier each time, and then she just absolutely throws herself into the mud, rolling, slithering, sliding, and just being one with the beautifully creamy riverbank clay.

Once she's absolutely plastered in mud with the colours of her suit completely unrecognisable, she throws herself into the river, only to clamber back out and throw herself back into the mud, multipe times!

Eventually, tired but happy, Isabeau finishes off with a couple of glorious full-body leaps into the river, before standing and posing, waist deep in the muddy water, grinning at the camera.

This is a spectacular all-action video, Isabeau absolutely loves the mud!

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