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Badge Of Sport Mudbath - set gm-4m047

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  • gm-4m047-v1 (18 minutes, 14 seconds)
  • gm-4m047-v2 (07 minutes, 56 seconds)

Badge Of Sport Mudbath

Miss Abigail and Lady Jennifer wear tight Adidas leggings into a riverbank mudbath

Dressed in trainers, and Adidas "Badge Of Sport" skin tight sports leggings over swimsuits, Miss Abigail and Lady Jennifer take to the mudbanks and give us a truly fabulous scene as they carefully and deliberately immerse themselves in the liquid mud until they're both utterly drenched.

First Ledy Jennifer walks along the ridge of a gully and sits down on the mud, to watch while Miss Abigail demonstrates the correct technique. Meanwhile Miss Abigail kneels down in the mud, and then wades through it on her knees, until she finds the perfect spot in front of our camera to first lie on her side, and then roll forwards, towards the viewer, so we get an absolutely perfect view as the still-clean upper front of her gorgeous tight-fitting sports pants are engulfed by the mud as she rolls onto her front, pressing herself down into the liquid mud.

And then Lady Jennifer, who's happily sitting with her bottom already muddy, slides forwards down the gully slide and into the liquid slop at the bottom, and then rolls her front into the mud too, deliviously coating herself in our glorious liquid clay.

There then follows a wonderful slop-about in the liquid mud, both of them getting muddier and muddier as they slide, roll, and writhe around, really enjoying just playing in the mud.

By the end of the scene, both girls are utterly drenched in mud from head to toes, including full mud shampoos for both of them.

Once they've finished playing in the mud, in the second video, they slither down the banks and into the river for a rough wash-off, before climbing back out and posing, soaked and still decidedly mucky, on the top of the mudbank.

Technical: There was a warm wind blowing the day this scene was shot, so there is a lot of wind noise on the soundtrack, though you do still get to hear the girls talking to each other and some of the splats and squelches as they willingly and happily get drenched in muck.