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Honeysuckle's Business Bath - set gm-4w001

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Honeysuckle's Business Bath

Taking a nice relaxing dungeon bath in a smart blue skirt suit

Honeysuckle wears a simple but smart dark blue skirt suit, with a pale blue shirt, bare legs, and Hunter wellies, and takes a nice bath in the dungeon pool.

She starts out in the empty pool, all nice and dry. She takes her jacket off and puts it to one side, sits down in the empty pool, and pulls the running warm water hose in with her, so the pool starts to slowly fill around her. The seat of her skirt is soon soaked and she kneels up to show off the wetness. Then she sits back down in the shallow but rising water and fills her wellies with the hose, before soaking the front of her skirt too.

She spends a happy time in the water, ending up utterly drenched and adding shampoo to the mix, not only does she wash her hair but thoroughly soaps up her skirt front and back too, before rinsing off again in the now quite foamy water. Little ducks are added to the mix too, and then eventually, while completely soaked, she puts her dry business jacket back on, and promptly soaks that too.

She ends up wet and happy, lying back and relaxing in the now well filled pool.

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