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Dungeon Bath in Shorts - set gm-4w004

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Dungeon Bath in Shorts

Honeysuckle gets drenched in shorts, wellies, and t-shirt

Time for a dungeon bath for Honeysuckle!

She's dressed in very pale denim shorts, a white t-shirt over sports bra, and blue Hunter wellies, and she's going to get totally soaked in our dungeon paddling pool.

First she pours pints of water into her shorts, front and back, to really get the wetness flowing, then she sits and lies down in the bath, plays around, splashes and does a series of deliberate falls into the warm water.

She adds shampoo to the mix, covering her outfit as well as her hair and playing with all the foam that's created, she also takes her boots off and empties their contents over herself, and plays barefoot in the water.

Honweysuckle likes being wet!

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