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Maude's Red Tracksuit Bath - set gm-4w006

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Maude's Red Tracksuit Bath

Splish-splash, I was having a bath!

Maude is having a fully clothed bath in the dungeon.

She dresses for the occasion in a red Adidas tracksuit worn over tight black gym knickers and a black sports bra crop top, and with black Converse-style basketball boots, worn sockless. She gets into the empty, dry paddling pool, and then pulls the running warm water hose in beside her, and the water starts to slowly fill the pool around her. After a few minutes she has a nice wet bottom, which she kneels up and turns round to show us, before sitting back down in the slowly rising water, enjoying the sensations as it gradually rises higher up her trousers and wets her jecket.

She plays and splashes as the water rises, and eventually sticks the hose down inside her tracksuit trousers to ensure total saturation. The rest of her outfit is soon completely soaked too, and she has great fun splashing and jumping about in the ever-deeper water, with the plastic Ducks of Doom for company.

She loses her boots and plays with her feet, later on, she takes her tracksuit off too, and plays around for a bit, soaking wet, in just her black sports underwear.

Maude likes the water!