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Wash Day with Maude

Doing the laundry with wetlook style

It's laundry day at Saturation Hall, and so Maude, dressed in Hugo Boss jeans, white t-shirt over a black bra top, and black and white Converse basketball boots, is all set to hand wash all the outfits used in messy scenes the day before. Except of course before she can wash the clothes, she must be fully soaked herself. So she grabs the running warm water hose, and shoves it down her own jeans, front and back, and lets us watch as the water soaks her. She hoses her t-shirt down too. And then she gets to work!

What follows is over forty minutes of Maude washing buckets, boots, and a tub full of wet gungey clothes, in the course of which she is constantly getting herself soaked and soaked again. She spends a fair bit of time with her feet and lower legs in a tub of soapy water, happily giving herself drenching after drenching as she works through the washings, and then eventually empties all the tubs of water over herself to finish off.

Lots of wetlook and lots of fun too.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.