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Splish Splash! - set gm-4w013

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Splish Splash!

Honeysuckle in an army boilersuit and Lady Jennifer in jeans, soaking wet

What better way to round off a long day of dungeon messy fun than with a nice relaxing fully clothed bath with a good friend, in the dungeon pool?

Honeysuckle, in a green military-issue flightsuit, and Lady Jennifer, in her favourite blue jeans and denim jacket, with a purple t-shirt, both barefoot, take a nice relaxing bath together. They start with the pool empty, sit back in their dry clothes, and then pull the running hose in and let the pool fill around them, drenching both of them as the water rises. Both Lady Jennifer's jeans, and Honeysuckle's green jumpsuit, really show the colour change as the water soaks them, and they play about in the steadily rising water. They add soap to the mix as well, put the hose down inside each other's clothes, and do some awesome splashing about and falling back into the water.

Lots of wet fun to enjoy, and mastered in 4k too!