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Shiny Shorts Water Tanking - set gm-4w014

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Shiny Shorts Water Tanking

Purity returns and gets very wet!

Having not been seen in these parts for quite a few years, the lovely Purity returned for a short stay in the late summer of 2022, and indulged herself with the gunge tank, in water mode, and in the river.

This was her first gunge tank experience, and she dressed for it in a blue and black swimsuit, blue shiny sports shorts, and 3d-hologram effect sparkly shoes.

While the tank above her is filling up, she thoroughly wets herself with a convenient spare bucket of water, pouring cupfuls into her swimsuit and inside her shorts, sitting in a tray, and soaking, filling, and playing with her shoes. Then, when the tank is full, she pulls the cord and gives herself an absolute deluge as gallons of water come cascading down over her, utterly drenching any remaining dry bits and engulfing her completely in the downflood.

Purity likes water!