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Blue Adidas Water Tanking - set gm-4w015

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Blue Adidas Water Tanking

Purity gets drenched in a blue Adidas tracksuit, swimsuit, and Hunters

Purity enjoyed her first water tanking in shiny shorts so much she decided to come back for more, this time with rather more clothing, she's dressed herself in a blue Adidas tracksuit, trousers and jacket, over a swimsuit, and with blue Hunter wellies for her feet. And even as she was putting her tracksuit on, she knew she was in for an utter drenching!

A feature of our gunge tank is that the plug valves do tend to leak, especially if it's already been used that day, and particularly when its filled with water. So Purity enters the dungeon to find there's alrteady a steady drip of water onto the tank seat as it fills. Which doesn't deter her in the slightest and she happily takes a wet seat, allowing the drips to fall on her for a moment before getting up again, turning round to show off her now slightly wet bottom, and putting the tray on the seat so that next time she sits it'll be in a little pool of water.

She allows a few moments for some water to pool in the tray, before sitting herself back down in it and taking her right boot off, filling it with water from a spare bucket, standing up again so we can see her now rather wetter bottom and dripped-on jacket, and then sliding her right foot and still-dry trouser leg into the water-filled welly.

She then takes the left boot off and starts to fill that, but before she can put it back on the tank, having filled completely, starts to overflow, and so she takes her now very wet seat once more, and pulls the cord to unleash the full deluge on herself, utterly drenching her entire outfit and her head and hair too. Wet purity!

Once the deluge has slowed, she stands up and puts the plug back in, nicely showing off her now totally soaked tracksuit trousers in the process, then slips the water-filled left welly back on.

She plays with the water, allowing more to drip on her and pouring the contents of both boots plus cupfulls of water into her trousers and swimsuit, while the tank refills once more. Then she pulls the cord again and gives herself another total power-drenching with the full contents of the tank.

Purity likes the water!