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Purity's Flexothane River Bath - set gm-4w020

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Purity's Flexothane River Bath

Our water-wench soaks her waterproofs

Dressed in waterproof Flexothane dungarees, with a waterproof jacket worn as a shirt under them, a blue elastic nurses belt to pull the waist in and really show her figure, and dark blue Hunter wellies, Purity wades into the river and gives herself a total soaking!

Unlike most waterproofs, the flexothane fabric of her overalls shows its wetness beautifully, going dark and shiny as the water level steadily rises as she wades ever deeper into the river. First she wades all the way in till she's waist-deep with the water lapping at her belt, then she turns and walks back out, and then comes back in, this time soaking herself to the neck and ensuring abslutely everything she is wearing is drenched.

She plays in the water, exploring different parts of the river and really showing off her soaked outfit as she does so, there are lots of great detail shots of her wet legs, trunk, and bottom as she wades and bobs about, turning round so we can enjoy seeing all of her soaking wet.

Rainwear may be meant to keep you dry, but not when you go wading neck-deep in a Yorkshire river it doesn't!