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Purity and the Drip Tank - set gm-4w023

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Purity and the Drip Tank

Our boilersuited beauty gets slowly soaked, then deluged!

Our gunge tank, when filled with water, drips. Badly. But rarher than seeing this as a problem, Purity decided to make a feature of it.

She dresses for work, in a dark blue boilersuit and plain matt black wellies. She approaches the tank, which is already filling with water and dripping heavily into the occupant's space. She notices the soaking wet seat with a continuous drip falling onto it, and manouvres herself into the tank so that the dripping water is falling on her back, while she sidles round the seat and then sits down on it facing away from us, so we can see the rapid drips soaking the back of her suit and the wetness spreading down to her waist, while she sits her until-then dry bottom on the thoroughly wet seat.

She sits for a moment, allowing the drips to soak her back and bottom, before spinning herself round to face the front and leaning back, so the drips start to soak their way through the front of her boilersuit, drenching her chest and the water then wetting its way down her front until you can see the wetness flowing down between her legs.

She takes a silver tray, stands up slightly, showing off how her suit is getting steadily wetter, she places the tray on the seat, allows the falling water to partly fill it, and then sits down in it, ensuring a completly drenched seat.

At this point the tank on top starts to overflow, so there's a large increase in the falling water cascading down, she positions herself under the flow for a moment as she gets back into the tank and sits in the filled tray. She lets the overflow cascasde continue to soak her legs for a few moments, and then she pulls the cord, unleashing an absolute deluge of water, with the tank filled to the brim, all over herself.

She lets the deluge continue until the tank is empty, and then, utterly soaking wet, she stands up and closes the tank valve so it can re-fill, while she plays under the drips, which are now even heavier than before as she's not quite fully closed the valve.

She plays under the water, including taking her wellies off, filling them, and pouring their contents over herself, while the tank refills, and then she unleashes a second deluge on herself, just to make sure she is really, fully, totally drenched.

Purity likes getting wet!