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The Drip Inspector - set gm-4w024

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The Drip Inspector

Lucia checks the tank for drips, in denims

Lucia, dressed in matching blue jeans and a short denim jacket, with a dark blue t-shirt and black heeled boots, has come to inspect our gunge tank for leaks, when used in water mode.

First she checks the dry tank over, then she goes and turns on the water supply, and takes a seat. Soon she is being dripped on, just a little at first but a steadily growing rain of drips as the tank fills, which she allows to fall on various parts of her outfit to show just how much water is leaking onto her. She ends up rather wet just from the drips.

After six minutes, the tank is full and starts to overflow, at which point she pulls the cord and unleashes the full deluge all over herself, the water flooding out of the tank and drenching her completely.

Once the flow diminishes she stands up, soaking wet, and replaces the plug, before resuming her seat, now being dripped on even more while the tank refills, before giving herself a second full drencing.

Yep, this tank most definitely drips!