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The River Inspection - set gm-4w029

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The River Inspection

Maude and Charity check what's changed

Every year, when the warmth of summer starts to return to High Langstonedale, our people go out to see what's changed with our estate streams and rivers through the Winter. And so here we have Maude and Charity, both dressed in rather attractive skin-tight leggins and crop-tops and trainers, wading into the river by the old stone bridge to see what's new in the watercourse.

Maude wears pale blue running pants, matching pale blue zip crop top, and blue-and-white check trainers, Charity wears pale green running pants and matching crop-top, and pink trainers.

After entering the river they both get completely soaked and then leap, swim, and splash about in the water, going right into the deep water immediately below the bridge arch and properly swimming about, clambering out to show off their drenched clothes before leaping back in, and then eventually wading back to dry land and posing, soaking wet, for the camera.

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