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Fuck the Post Office! - set gm-4w032

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Fuck the Post Office!

Maude and Charity in punk dresses soak each other

Maude and Charity, both dressed in punk dresses and boots, have met up in the dungeon to play a very wet game, and both of them know they're in for a soaking!

Charity wears a traditional goth/punk black mini-dress, with a big chunky zip up the front and lots of metalwork on display, while Maude wears a long printed black bondage dress with long slits up both sides and clip-on bondage straps, the front of her dress bearing three printed panels comprising of just lots and lots of instructions to fuck things, fuck work, fuck banks, fuck pay toilets, fuck debt, fuck the phone company - and appropriately enough given the revalations of the Horizon scandal in the UK, fuck the post office. They both wear black chunky ankle boots to finish off their looks.

They start off playing scissors-paper-stone, and soon enough Maude is sitting in a tray of water drenching the seat of her long dress. But Maude then has a streak of wins, much to Charity's discomforture as more and more water is poured into her dress, until she decides to displense with the rules and just get her own back on Maude. Who in turn retaliates by shoving the running water hose up inside Charity's dress from below and utterly soaking her outfit from the inside out.

In the soggy fun which follows they hose each other down, throw buckets of water over each other, Maude sits in the large and completely full tub of water, ensuring her own dress is also utterly drenched, and they drench each other's hair too.

Two wild punk wenches, and a whole lot of soaking wet fun!