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Lucia's Barbiecore Swim - set gm-4w033

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  • gm-4w033-v1 (14 minutes, 12 seconds)

Lucia's Barbiecore Swim

River swimming in a bright pink boilersuit!

Lucia wades into the water and then goes for a proper swim in the river below the railway viaduct on the estate's southern boundary. She gets totally soaked as she wades, splashes, and swims in the water.

She wears a bright pink well-fitted boilersuit from Shein, with our old "Tickled Pink" lace-front wellies, which are badly split and not at all waterproof, but still wearable and look great with the pink suit.

Part way through the scene she takes the wellies off and plays barefoot from then on, including climbing out of the water and walking barefoot on the moss-covered rocks beside the arches.