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This page lists all of our current live photosets, including full information on the mumber of shots in each set. Note these aren't hand picked "best of" shots, just the 3rd, 9th, 15th, 60th, 90th and 150th shots from each set, to give you a true idea of what you'll find in our members' area.

The first two shots are clickable to give the full-size high-res image, generally these will be clean "before" shots in most sets, the others are also clickable to our standard 800 x 600 free sample size - the images in the Members Lounge are all the same size as the first two images here.

  • gm-4h007: "Time for a fully-clothed hosedown!" Added 2023-11-28, 114 photos, 417M disk space

    Videos included:

    • This scene is still photos only

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    Lucia's Black Tracksuit Hairwash

    Time for a fully-clothed hosedown!

    Back from a day on the mudbanks, and still wearing the black Adidas tracksuit and black two-stripe swimsuit she travelled in, Lucia heads down to the Hall's dungeons for a fully clothed hosedown hairwash session.

    She unzips her tracksuit jacket and then plunges the running hose down inside the front of her swimsuit, the water flooding down and into her track pants which immediately start to soak through. She hoses herself down completely, inclding filling her wellies and pouring their contents down herself, before discarding them, she is then barefoot for the rest of the scene.

    She stands in a tub of warm water to warm her toes up, then very thoroughly shampoos her hair with lashings of shampoo, which floods down her back and over her tracksuited bottom when she rinses it out. She then conditions her hair, rinses the conditioner out, gives her whole outfit a final good drenching with the hose, and poses, soaking wet and happy.

  • gm-4w023: "Our boilersuited beauty gets slowly soaked, then deluged!" Added 2023-11-21, 428 photos, 1.3G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-4w023-v1 (16 minutes, 47 seconds)

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    Purity and the Drip Tank

    Our boilersuited beauty gets slowly soaked, then deluged!

    Our gunge tank, when filled with water, drips. Badly. But rarher than seeing this as a problem, Purity decided to make a feature of it.

    She dresses for work, in a dark blue boilersuit and plain matt black wellies. She approaches the tank, which is already filling with water and dripping heavily into the occupant's space. She notices the soaking wet seat with a continuous drip falling onto it, and manouvres herself into the tank so that the dripping water is falling on her back, while she sidles round the seat and then sits down on it facing away from us, so we can see the rapid drips soaking the back of her suit and the wetness spreading down to her waist, while she sits her until-then dry bottom on the thoroughly wet seat.

    She sits for a moment, allowing the drips to soak her back and bottom, before spinning herself round to face the front and leaning back, so the drips start to soak their way through the front of her boilersuit, drenching her chest and the water then wetting its way down her front until you can see the wetness flowing down between her legs.

    She takes a silver tray, stands up slightly, showing off how her suit is getting steadily wetter, she places the tray on the seat, allows the falling water to partly fill it, and then sits down in it, ensuring a completly drenched seat.

    At this point the tank on top starts to overflow, so there's a large increase in the falling water cascading down, she positions herself under the flow for a moment as she gets back into the tank and sits in the filled tray. She lets the overflow cascasde continue to soak her legs for a few moments, and then she pulls the cord, unleashing an absolute deluge of water, with the tank filled to the brim, all over herself.

    She lets the deluge continue until the tank is empty, and then, utterly soaking wet, she stands up and closes the tank valve so it can re-fill, while she plays under the drips, which are now even heavier than before as she's not quite fully closed the valve.

    She plays under the water, including taking her wellies off, filling them, and pouring their contents over herself, while the tank refills, and then she unleashes a second deluge on herself, just to make sure she is really, fully, totally drenched.

    Purity likes getting wet!

  • gm-4m001: "Wearing a minidress go-go boots, Maude takes a mudbath!" Added 2023-11-07, 48 photos, 158M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-4m001-v1 (21 minutes, 05 seconds)
    • gm-4m001-v2 (04 minutes, 01 seconds)

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    Maude's Cherry Dress Mud Bath

    Wearing a minidress go-go boots, Maude takes a mudbath!

    New year, new spring, new outfit, and Maude is ready for a mudbath!

    In her first dip of the year, mud season having only just opened and the river still cold from spring just passed, maude takles the mudbanks in spectacular style.

    She wears a black minidress with a pretty cherry print pattern, and bright yellow knee-high heeled go-go boots, and takes a truly glorious mudbath on the mudbanks. The surface is wet from recent rain though the sky is clear and blue and glorious early summer sunlight is shining. The tide is all the way in, so Maude can only play at the tops of the mudbanks, but the mud is gloriously sloppy and liquid and she is soon getting seriously covered.

    Her boots sink to the ankle as soon as she steps in, then she falls back "splat!" onto her bottom, several times, she lies back, makes mud angels, coveres the front of her dress as well as the back, totally drenches her boots in liquid clay, slides and crawls around in the muck, and eventually snaps a heel completely off one boot - actual boot destruction, on camera.

    By the end of the scene she's drenched in mud from head to toe, including full mud shampoo and a couple of her trademak faceplants, and then she slides into the cold river for a wash-off. Despite the sunshine, that river is cold!

  • gm-4w028: "Taking a dip in the river in running gear" Added 2023-10-24, 289 photos, 1.1G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-4w028-v1 (14 minutes, 50 seconds)

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    Lady Jennifer's Sportswear Swim

    Taking a dip in the river in running gear

    Lady Jennifer creates some gorgeous wetlook when she goes into the estate river dressed in skin tight black sports leggings, 80s-style shiny fabric running top, and trainers, and gets herself utterly soaked!

    She wades in, wetting her shoes and lower legs, then steps rather deeper and soaks herself to the waist, then chest, then goes for a swim. She spends time going in and out of the water, showing off her drenched and shining wet clothes, and does some proper swimming in the deeper areas of the river.

    Lady Jennifer likes being wet!

  • gm-2m49: "Rosemary submits to a liquid mudding at Susie's hands" Added 2023-10-10, 852 photos, 2.8G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2m49-v1 (23 minutes, 26 seconds)
    • gm-2m49-v2 (08 minutes, 22 seconds)

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    Post Ride Mud Equaliser

    Rosemary submits to a liquid mudding at Susie's hands

    Rosemary, the head groom, and Susie, her understudy, have been out for a fast gallop on two of the estate horses, a gallop which resulted in Susie getting so plastered in mud thrown up by Rosemary's horse, she had to change out of her riding gear into a pair of running leggings and a bra-top when they got back, while Rosemary remained completely spotless throughout the whole ride. Clearly, this calls for an equalisation and Rosemary's lovely jodhpurs and polo shirt cannot escape unscathed. So down to the dungeon they head, where there just happens to be a fresh tub of liquid mud handy, and Rosemary submits to being muddied by Susie.

    Of course in reality they both love the mud, so after a few turns in which Rosemary gets her jodhpurs well glooped, Susie submits to having her leggings and top mud-drenched too.

    Both girls end up utterly drenched in liquid mud, their outfits totally covered and soaked in it, full mud shampoos for both, and mud-smeared faces.

    The mud used in this scene is genuinr riverbank mud, hauled back to the Hall dungeons in buckets and mixed with warm water to make it liquid.

  • gm-4w004: "Honeysuckle gets drenched in shorts, wellies, and t-shirt" Added 2023-09-26, 49 photos, 127M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-4w004-v1 (10 minutes, 16 seconds)

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    Dungeon Bath in Shorts

    Honeysuckle gets drenched in shorts, wellies, and t-shirt

    Time for a dungeon bath for Honeysuckle!

    She's dressed in very pale denim shorts, a white t-shirt over sports bra, and blue Hunter wellies, and she's going to get totally soaked in our dungeon paddling pool.

    First she pours pints of water into her shorts, front and back, to really get the wetness flowing, then she sits and lies down in the bath, plays around, splashes and does a series of deliberate falls into the warm water.

    She adds shampoo to the mix, covering her outfit as well as her hair and playing with all the foam that's created, she also takes her boots off and empties their contents over herself, and plays barefoot in the water.

    Honweysuckle likes being wet!

  • gm-3m022: "It's really sloppy today!" Added 2023-09-12, 135 photos, 434M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3m022-v1 (19 minutes, 42 seconds)
    • gm-3m022-v2 (05 minutes, 59 seconds)

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    Mud Maude Denim Jumpsuit

    It's really sloppy today!

    On a beautiful High Summer day, Maude takes a glorious riverbank mudbath, in some of the sloppiest mud she's yet played in.

    She dresses simply, wearing a mid blue denim fashion boilersuit by alternativwe clothing brand EMP, and her favourite silver sparkly wellies. Her suit is long sleeved and long legged, fits her like a glove, and isn't going to be staying clean for long!

    After walking onto the top of the mudbank and doing a twirl to show off her nice outfit, she promptly finds a patch of wet mud right at the top of the slope, sits down in it, and spins herself around, a full 360 degrees, on her bottom, ensuring that the seat of her denim suit is completely plastered in mud while the rest of her is still clean.

    Next, taking advantage of the layer of slippery mud already coating her bum, she slides down the steep bank, legs held in the air so she's effectively going crotch-first, wheee! - straight into the deep pool of very sloppy liquid mud at the bottom of the gully. Oh my!

    Her legs and bottom are now utterly drenched in beautiful liquid mud, She clabers muddily back up the bank, and slides back down again, getting even muckier.

    Eventually she turns sideways in the mud pool, lying on one side, and rolls over towards us, submerging the few remaining clean areas of her jumpsuit in the mud. After a bit she takes her wellies off, revealing still-clean bare feet, which promptly get dunked in the mud too.

    There's lots of wonderful rolling around, sliding, sitting, and playing in the mud, utterly drenched, with Maude's hair and face eventually succumbing to the clay's brown and sloppy embrace.

    Eventually Maude slithers all the way down to the river, slides into the water, and gives herself a rough wash-off, before clambering back up the bank and vanishing into the fields.

    Technical: With this scene You get two videos, the main muddy one with Maude getting totally drenched in mud and playing in the liquid clay, then a separate wash-off video where she slides into the river. There's also a small photoset of 130 high res photographs.

  • gm-4h011: "Honeysuckle and Violet Vixen hose each other down" Added 2023-08-29, 139 photos, 523M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-4h011-v1 (11 minutes, 00 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Tracksuit Hairwash

    Honeysuckle and Violet Vixen hose each other down

    Freshly returned from the mudbanks, Violet Vixen, in a black tracksuit over a swimsuit, with wellies, and Honeysuckle, in a blue tracksuit with nothing at all underneath, and wellies, hose each other down and wash each others hair with lashings of shampoo, in the dungeon.

    Taking turns, fist they totally drench each others clothes, playing the hose all over each other with no resistance, and then each sits and has her hair very thoroughly shampooed, and then rinsed, with cascades of foam flooding down her back and over her bottom as the shampoo is washed out.

    Violet Vixen removes her jacket part way through, and they both take off their wellies and empty them over each other.

    Two drenched girls and a whole lot of fun!

    This scene was released to the Members Lounges of both Saturation Hall and Langstonedale for the 5th week in August, 2023.

  • gm-4w033: "River swimming in a bright pink boilersuit!" Added 2023-08-22, 27 photos, 98M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-4w033-v1 (14 minutes, 12 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Lucia's Barbiecore Swim

    River swimming in a bright pink boilersuit!

    Lucia wades into the water and then goes for a proper swim in the river below the railway viaduct on the estate's southern boundary. She gets totally soaked as she wades, splashes, and swims in the water.

    She wears a bright pink well-fitted boilersuit from Shein, with our old "Tickled Pink" lace-front wellies, which are badly split and not at all waterproof, but still wearable and look great with the pink suit.

    Part way through the scene she takes the wellies off and plays barefoot from then on, including climbing out of the water and walking barefoot on the moss-covered rocks beside the arches.

  • gm-4m047: "Miss Abigail and Lady Jennifer wear tight Adidas leggings into a riverbank mudbath" Added 2023-08-08, 374 photos, 1.3G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-4m047-v1 (18 minutes, 14 seconds)
    • gm-4m047-v2 (07 minutes, 56 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Badge Of Sport Mudbath

    Miss Abigail and Lady Jennifer wear tight Adidas leggings into a riverbank mudbath

    Dressed in trainers, and Adidas "Badge Of Sport" skin tight sports leggings over swimsuits, Miss Abigail and Lady Jennifer take to the mudbanks and give us a truly fabulous scene as they carefully and deliberately immerse themselves in the liquid mud until they're both utterly drenched.

    First Ledy Jennifer walks along the ridge of a gully and sits down on the mud, to watch while Miss Abigail demonstrates the correct technique. Meanwhile Miss Abigail kneels down in the mud, and then wades through it on her knees, until she finds the perfect spot in front of our camera to first lie on her side, and then roll forwards, towards the viewer, so we get an absolutely perfect view as the still-clean upper front of her gorgeous tight-fitting sports pants are engulfed by the mud as she rolls onto her front, pressing herself down into the liquid mud.

    And then Lady Jennifer, who's happily sitting with her bottom already muddy, slides forwards down the gully slide and into the liquid slop at the bottom, and then rolls her front into the mud too, deliviously coating herself in our glorious liquid clay.

    There then follows a wonderful slop-about in the liquid mud, both of them getting muddier and muddier as they slide, roll, and writhe around, really enjoying just playing in the mud.

    By the end of the scene, both girls are utterly drenched in mud from head to toes, including full mud shampoos for both of them.

    Once they've finished playing in the mud, in the second video, they slither down the banks and into the river for a rough wash-off, before climbing back out and posing, soaked and still decidedly mucky, on the top of the mudbank.

    Technical: There was a warm wind blowing the day this scene was shot, so there is a lot of wind noise on the soundtrack, though you do still get to hear the girls talking to each other and some of the splats and squelches as they willingly and happily get drenched in muck.

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