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This page lists all of our current live photosets, including full information on the mumber of shots in each set. Note these aren't hand picked "best of" shots, just the 3rd, 9th, 15th, 60th, 90th and 150th shots from each set, to give you a true idea of what you'll find in our members' area.

The first two shots are clickable to give the full-size high-res image, generally these will be clean "before" shots in most sets, the others are also clickable to our standard 800 x 600 free sample size - the images in the Members Lounge are all the same size as the first two images here.

  • gm-3m020: "Maude takes a musbath in her sports kit" Added 2020-07-01, 54 photos, 169M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3m020-v1 (26 minutes, 03 seconds)

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    Shiny Shorts Mud Bath

    Maude takes a musbath in her sports kit

    Dressed in shiny nylon blue sports shorts, white t-shirt, long white sports socks, and trainers, Maude takes a spectacular mudbath on the riverbank. She first poses at the top of a gully to show off her pristine outfit, and then spends a happy half hour slding up and down the gully bank on her bottom, splashing down into the pool of liquid mud and getting muddier with every slide, once she's well covered she rolls and frolics in the mud pool, getting totally coated including her famous trademark face submersion, and really shampoos it into her hair too.

    At the end of the scene as an added bonus she slides down to the waters edge and takes a very muddy bath in the river, partially cleaning the worst of it off her shorts and skin, before clambering back up the muddy bank to the grass at the top.

  • gm-2w171: "Maude goes for a swim in the river in her overalls" Added 2020-06-17, 169 photos, 611M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2w171-v1 (11 minutes, 19 seconds)

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    Denim Dungaree Dip

    Maude goes for a swim in the river in her overalls

    Maude, dressed for the garden in denim overalls and a blue and white checked shirt, and blue wellies, decides it's too hot for gardening, and that she fanies a dip in the river instead.

    First she wades in and out until her clothes are soaked to chest deep, and then she goes for a swim. Afterwards, she also does some spectacular full-body falls into the water, sending great cascades of it splashing around, she also ducks down and leaps out, and generally has fun splashing about, soaking wet, in the water.

  • gm-3m002: "Honeysuckle and Susie crawl-race each other through the mud in officewear" Added 2020-06-03, 23 photos, 61M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3m002-v1 (17 minutes, 42 seconds)

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    Office Mud Race

    Honeysuckle and Susie crawl-race each other through the mud in officewear

    Honeysuckle, dressed in a beautfuly lilac dress and matching jacket, and Susie, in black pencil dress, tights, boots, and smart dark grey jacket, first push each other over into the mud, and then challenge each other to a crawl race across the mudbanks, which not only leaves them both covered in mud, but gradually destroys Honeysuckle's dress, as first the slit tears open and lengthens till it's almost to her waist, and then the whole front of the skirt of the dress starts to rip away.

    By the end of the scene they are both totally covered in mud, including Honeysuckle's beautifully thick black hair, and Susie's shaved head.

  • gm-2w157: "Susie gets soaked in a snakeskin playsuit" Added 2020-05-23, 167 photos, 603M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2w157-v1 (09 minutes, 26 seconds)

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    Playsuit Wetting

    Susie gets soaked in a snakeskin playsuit

    Susie takes a dip in one of the river lakes above the old stone bridge in gladiator sandals and a thin snakeskin print playsuit. She wades in and out of the water several times, completely soaks her suit, splashes, briefly swims, and also fully submerges, before wading back out.

  • gm-3m005: "Can you do gymnastics in mud in your Sunday best dress? Maude finds out!" Added 2020-05-05, 123 photos, 343M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3m005-v1 (33 minutes, 20 seconds)

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    Maude's Muddy Minidress!

    Can you do gymnastics in mud in your Sunday best dress? Maude finds out!

    Maude takes to the mudbanks in her lovely red summer mini-dress, white socks, and gold trainers!

    Maude likes the mud. She really likes throwing herself into it while wearing really cute outfits you'd never normallyt see someone geting mucky in, and she does a really spectacular job of this lovely red dress.

    As well as all the usual sliding about and rolling over in the mud, she also does lots of gymnastic exercises including forward rolls, straight into the sloppiest mud she can find!

    Part way through she loses her shoes, and her socks, and plays on with bare feet in the mud. Then at the end she puts her mud-filled socks and shoes back on.

    By the end of the scene she is totally drenched in mud from head to toes.

    Note: Maude has braces on her teeth in this scene.

  • gm-3h005: "Boilersuited chamberwench drenches herself washing muddy boots" Added 2020-04-27, 534 photos, 403M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3h005-v1 (38 minutes, 04 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Maude washes the wellies

    Boilersuited chamberwench drenches herself washing muddy boots

    Bonus extra scene for 5th week in April 2020

    Here's Maude, dressed in the green boilersuit and wellies she returned from playing on the mudbanks in, getting to work to wash the signifcant quantities of muddy wellies that have accumulated in the dungeon. She gets totally soaked in the process as she washes the wellies and other shoes on her own lap, she also empties a tub of muddy water down herself as part of washing out the tub.

    Once all the work is done, she strips off her own wellies and the boilersuit to reveal the floral swimsuit she's wearing beneath, and then washes her hair with shampoo, foam cascading down the back of her swimsuit as she rinses the lather off.

    This started as a planned "hosedown in the travelling back outfit" scene but grew into a full wetlook scene in it's own right. Now seemed like a good time to release it on both sites as a five week bonus.

    Technical: There is full original sound on the video.

  • gm-2w148: "Felicity takes a dip in her favourite uniform dress" Added 2020-04-16, 248 photos, 803M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2w148-v1 (15 minutes, 03 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Medieval River Wench

    Felicity takes a dip in her favourite uniform dress

    Dressed in her favourite 100% cotton reproduction medieval servants unifiorm dress, with green wellies peeking out from below it, Felicity spends a merry afternoon wading, splashing about, and swimming, in the river below the viaduct. Her dress is floor length but with deep slits up both sides, laces at the sides, and long sleeves with large flounces at the ends, and being cotton, it wets beautifully. Loosely based on what the records show Hall staff as wearing in the middle ages, she has special dispensatoon from Lady Jasmine to wear it while working if she wants to, and she's become quite a talking point at her ladyship's various events as a result.

    Felicity gets totally soaked, wades in and out of the water several times, and leaps and splashes about in her usual exuberant style.

    Lots of fun, and lots of wetness.

  • gm-2m22: "Friday and Daphne get wet and muddy in the evening sunlight" Added 2020-04-02, 297 photos, 2.1G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2m22-v1 (16 minutes, 16 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    An evening by the pier

    Friday and Daphne get wet and muddy in the evening sunlight

    Friday, dressed in skin tight grey yoga pants, running top, and trainers, and Daphne, in short denim dungarees over a blue catsuit, and leather boots, play together on the banks of the Severn by the old ruined pier, in the evening sunlight at high tide.

    Initially they just splash each other with river water, but before long they are kneeling in the shallows and spreading the mud they're kneeling on all over each other until they're both well covered. By the end of the scene they are both soaking wet and covered in mud, including giving each other mud shampoos in the river.

    As this was shot well into the evening with the sun significantly westering, there was a very cold wind blowing resulting in lots of great reactions as they gradually soak each other with cold water and colder mud! Still very much a fun scene though, last splash of what had been a great day of mudplay.

  • gm-3w001: "Maid Teena takes a bubblebath in uniform" Added 2020-03-19, 34 photos, 49M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-3w001-v1 (14 minutes, 11 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    The Bathing Maid

    Maid Teena takes a bubblebath in uniform

    What better way to relax after a fun day being a maid to the people playing in the mess, than a nice relaxing bubble bath? Keeping your uniform on just adds to the niceness.

    Teena first steps into the empty bath in her clean and dry uniform dress, she pours bubble bath all over the dress, then turns the shower on and gets completely soaked, she fully shampoos her hair and rinses, the foaming lather running down the back of the dress as she does so, and she finished lying in the now full bath, with lots of foam, just relaxing in the water with her dress washing around her.

  • gm-2m29: "Nurse Violet and Sister Felicity get muddy together" Added 2020-03-05, 509 photos, 3.5G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2m29-v1 (26 minutes, 50 seconds)

    Click here for the availability of this set

    Mud Medicine!

    Nurse Violet and Sister Felicity get muddy together

    Nurse Violet, in smart dark blue nurses uniform dress, dark tights, and black shoes, and Sister Felicity in pink hospital scrubs and white trainers, walk into the mudbanks and totally cover each other in mud!

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